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Managing Growth In Central Asia


There’s no doubt that the main objective of any entrepreneur is to have their business grow profitably. To achieve this, it is very important to understand the factors that contribute to growth. Avanta Capital understands that Capital alone will not deliver growth, it’s a combination of factors which are understood through experience. Whilst there are numerous variables that can influence the growth potential of a business, in our experience there are four main areas that we pay particular attention to:

  1. The availability of financial and human capital.

  2. Having technical and management skills that can adapt to and cope with change.

  3. The potential to train and develop staff.

  4. A dash of creativity and opportunity recognition.

By understanding these factors and having the experience to identify in what mix they need to be delivered, Avanta Capital deliver a complete Venture Growth model throughout the portfolio.

CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States



$2 trillion



GDP Growth

20,368,759 km²