Managing Growth In Central Asia

Partnering with Avanta Capital

Avanta Capital has developed a number of Partnership models over the past 10 years and they breakdown into three mains areas:

  1. Equity Co-Investing

  2. Investment Managers

  3. Sector Funds

Equity Co-Investing

Investors are typically charged a reduced fee or no fee for the investment, and receive ownership privileges equal to the percentage of their investment.

investment Managers

Investors place funds with us and we manage those funds across the portfolio delivering targeted returns for the investor. We only invest client funds in companies we own or control to ensure the safety of investor funds. We do not trade in the securities of companies we don’t own or control or of listed companies.

Sector Funds

Avanta Capital has created a number of Funds that have either been Sector specific or in some cases diversified across the entire portfolio, these are usually closed ended funds and offer investors and partners targeted returns over periods of between three and five years.

Current Fund Offering:

Avanta Capital is offering investors an opportunity to become an Investment Partner in its business, by launching the:

Avanta Capital Diversified Portfolio Debt Note.

Quarterly Interest Payments 3% (12%pa)

Minimum Investment Amount $50,000

Minimum Investment Term 5 Years

Investment Currency Euro/USD/GBP

Funds will be allocated across all Investment Sectors and will be Asset Backed against the Balance Sheets of all the companies in the Avanta Capital Portfolio.

Click here to download the Avanta Capital Diversified Portfolio Debt Note Fact Sheet.

Contact us at with any questions you may have, we look forward to welcoming you as an Avanta Capital Investment Partner.