Avanta Capital has been investing into the CIS for the past 10 years.

With investments in








Real estate

Avanta Capital is led by seasoned professionals with a long history and a good reputation throughout the CIS countries.

We provide full support to the businesses we own or majority control and actively manage those businesses, through growth and into profitability. Our exit strategies are Trade Sale or IPO.

offering the global investment MARKET
a PARTNER in the CIS.



Regional projects in Central Asia, CIS countries, East Asia, Middle East and different African countries.


Any projects starting from idea-seed-growth to expansion in different regions. We are active investors in all projects and prefer to provide operational expertise and management.


Small and medium business with investment limit of 50 000 to 5 000 000 USD for one project.


With no Risk there are no returns, Risk Management is the key to our success, by understanding that risk is an essential part of growth.



Avanta Capital established TechFarm in 2014 to act as an incubator for a group of early stage businesses owned by Aman.

Mad Aliens

All of the above business, that have been supported through their growth by TechFarm, are now profitable businesses in their own right and all are currently targets for acquisition by international companies.


Avanta Capital established two Hydro Plant Power generation businesses, the first is a low cost modular Hydro Power Plant which has the capacity to provide a low-cost entry-level solution at $3 to $5m depending on available infrastructure.

The second company is focused on the main planned Hydro Electric Power generation project planned by the Kyrgyz Government, this is a major infrastructure project with a strategy to generate power from the Glacier and sell power to surrounding countries at above 8c per Kw. Initial meetings have confirmed customers at above 8c per kw which includes Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Avanta Capital has established two businesses in the Healthcare sector, the first is a chain of Private Medical Clinics which provide visiting doctors an environment to meet patients.

The second is a specialised Fracture Clinic, which is the first specialised clinic in the CIS as traditionally hospitals are relics of the Soviet state and are set up as General Hospitals.


Avanta Capital established Run Systems a SaaS ERP Software for the SME Market which provides RUN a Procurement and Logistics services to the SME clients. The software is provided free to clients that utilise the Procurement and Logistics Modules of the Run Systems Software


Avanta Capital has established a Leather Tanning Factory and a Cashmere Wool Factory for the export market.

Wool Factory


Avanta Capital has an established business in Beef and Sheep farming, with trading activities in chilled meat products.

Real Estate

Avanta Capital has commercial property throughout the CIS region and focusses on the distressed asset market as well as the reorganisation of Corporate Leases to build asset values. With considerable expertise in the Asset Management sector Avanta Capital has a very significant pipeline of opportunities in this sector. Avanta Capital is currently in negotiations to buy a distressed property that is operating as a Sugar Factory, this will be structured as a pre purchase payment followed by a share of exit in five years.


Avanta Capital established a local company to build and deliver two new Private Schools that will have a UK accredited curriculum, the schools will be built and managed by Avanta Capital with a view to exiting within the target timeframe of five years.


Aman Tentiyev – Founder & Managing Partner – Chairman of The Board

Founder & Managing Partner – Chairman of The Board

Aman Tentiyev


After 13 years working for PWC, Accenture and Deloitte as Head of Office and Managing Director and then over 12 years as a Head of Investment groups in Central Asia, which included 3 years in Georgia where he was responsible for more than $200m of investments in Telecommunication, Commercial and Residential Real Estate and Banking. Aman then joined the Government of Kyrgyzstan, as head of The National Energy Company. With his attention now focused on the CIS Countries, he developed a considerable network of contacts, partners and friends, these include Heads of Government, Heads of Businesses and innovative entrepreneurs. In the past 13 years he has successfully launched NambaMEDIA, NambaSOFT, NambaLEASE, NambaTAXI, NambaFOOD and NambaPAY, as well as businesses in other sectors throughout Central Asia. The next step is the launch of a Payment Ecosystem to allow users to access this range of services through a single Mobile APP, NambaONE, which is due for launch in May 2020.

Nigel Taylor – Chief Investment Officer (CIO) & Executive Board Director

Chief Investment Officer (CIO) & Executive Board Director

Nigel Taylor


With over twenty-five years of international experience in the Capital Markets, working for companies such as General Electric (GE) & Thompson Reuters in UK, US and the Middle East, Nigel brings a wealth of International experience to the Avanta Capital Team. Having held corporate roles at both Board Executive and Non-Executive level with responsibilities for Financial Restructuring, Departmental and Business re-structuring, Technology and Asset Management, with Budget responsibilities exceeding £100 million and staffing structures exceeding 200. Experience has included two listing on the main market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and an ADR Listing on NASDAQ raising more than GBP 100m. Senior Bank Debt exceeding $30m and various exits with the largest at above $200m. Nigel has founded, funded and sold businesses in Education, IT, Hospitality, Retail, Fashion and Financial market sectors.

Jumabek Salymbekov - Non-Executive Board Director

Non-Executive Board Director

Jumabek Salymbekov

Rustam Halikov - Non-Executive Board Director

Non-Executive Board Director

Rustam Halikov MRICS


Ruslan is a Member of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS) obtaining his Diploma in 2011 in “Finance & Investments”. In 2015 he qualified as an Assessor responsible for the assessment of member candidates in official exams. He is also a Certified Auditor of the Kyrgyz Republic (State certificate #0002 as of 08.02.2006). Ruslan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Finance (Diploma with honors) from the AMERICAN UNIVERSITY of CENTRAL ASIA. Ruslan was the CEO of BAIRA GROUP, KAZAKHSTAN from 2009 to 2012 managing a group of companies in Real Estate & Construction including Real Estate Development, Property Management, Investments. AUM exceeded $300m The Group had three subsidiaries BAIRA Properties – commercial property management, BAIRA Capital – corporate finance and investments, BAIRA Development – project management and development Ruslan is currently the CEO and Founder of aRex Group LLP

Sergey Kanivets – Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Sergey Kanivets


Formerly the Head of Information Systems at the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, Sergey has over 21 Years’ experience in the Banking sector, holding positions of Chief Information Officer, Head of Risk and Head of Business Process Automation. Throughout his career Sergey has been actively involved in the core baking software solutions and has an intimate knowledge of how bank processing systems work. In addition is Sergey holds a Degree in Computer Science and Engineering, from the Kyrgyz Technical University and holds qualifications in Project Management, Information Security, Risk management and Payments Software. Sergey is responsible for all data security systems as well as the implementation of our software into our group companies ensuring that we deploy the most suitable technology platforms into the companies we own and invest into.

Diana Ardakova - Financial analyst

Financial Analyst

Diana Ardakova


Graduated Kyrgyz National University, Department of Economy (Financial accounting and analyses) in 2011. Diana worked for four years for CJSC “Alfa Telecom” (Megacom) one of the biggest mobile companies in Kyrgyzstan as a Senior Specialist in the department of budgeting and financial management. Then two years in commercial and audit company as an analyst, and then three years in Techfarm LLC one of the Avanta Capital Incubator companies as a director.

Avanta Capital is offering investors an opportunity to become an Investment Partner in its business, by launching the

Avanta Capital Diversified Portfolio Debt Note.

Quarterly Interest Payments 3% (12%pa)
Minimum Investment Amount $50,000
Minimum Investment Term 5 Years
Investment Currency Euro/USD/GBP

Funds will be allocated across all Investment Sectors and will be Asset Backed against the Balance Sheets of all the companies in the Avanta Capital Portfolio.
Click here to download the Avanta Capital Diversified Portfolio Debt Note Fact Sheet.
Contact us at info@avantacap.com with any questions you may have, we look forward to welcoming you as an Avanta Capital Investment Partner.

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